Newish user migrating to Linux

I have been using Arch Linux with i3wm for around 5 years for work, on my ThinkPad. I am fairly comfortable with pacman and setting up a distro. I have previously tried Mint, Manjaro, KDE Neon, Elementary, and MX Linux, all for the same use case (Work: where I need a browser, Slack, and a MongoDB GUI)....

Is Arcanum worth playing?

I played a little of it when I first got it, but then I heard that it’s better to patch it. So I joined the discord for it and figured I’d look into that later. Well later turned into years, eventually I left the discord server to make space for other servers and never did wind up going back to Arcanum....

New Linux user, here is my use case. Distro recommendations?

Update 1: Thanks for all the responses! I’ve gotten a lot of very good comments saying I should stick with Mint, and that’s sitting comfortably in my top two picks right now. Between new distros, I’m most interested in Arch’s rolling release model, as it provides some benefits for me for reasons I didn’t really get...

Massive issues with sleep and desperate for a solution.

I’ve been struggling with sleep issues for over a decade now. My Doctor has prescribed me all sorts of medication, all of which has had many adverse side effects. What I do know that works, is Xanax. My wife was prescribed it for some stress issues and occasionally will give me one so I can finally sleep. Obviously asking my...

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