Ron DeSantis' new target in his 'war on woke'? Colors, apparently (

As part of DeSantis’ “Freedom Summer” initiative, the state’s transportation secretary, Jared W. Perdue, announced earlier this month that bridges in the state will have no choice but to be illuminated in red, white and blue from Memorial Day through Labor Day....

Is Arcanum worth playing?

I played a little of it when I first got it, but then I heard that it’s better to patch it. So I joined the discord for it and figured I’d look into that later. Well later turned into years, eventually I left the discord server to make space for other servers and never did wind up going back to Arcanum....

How to combat creeping firefox enshitification? (

I deal with a lot of VMs for varying purposes, and it seems frequent that my purpose for opening firefox is derailed by some kind of nag. For example, I frequently get the “you haven’t used firefox in a while” in vms that I rarely use firefox and have to go disable the “meta refresh” option in the “about:config”....

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