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my terminal on ubuntu 23.04 shows files already purged and cannot upgrade, what do I do now?

Upgrading from ubuntu 23.10 to 24.04 I found a broken package: libfreerdp2-2. This package is not in var/lib/dpkg/info, but terminal insists it is. I’ve tried purging it, removing it, apt --fix-broken install, but it always goes back to Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)...


In this case I would download the deb from here (Click on Mantic, and scroll down to files and find your architecture you use and download the file : packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libfreerdp2 and install it with dpkg -i If that installs successfully then continue your upgrade attempt.


Nice. For folks who wouldn’t need a lot of storage space I guess this could make a nice rather low budget Libreboot computer.


If you’re in the EU you can vote and help to make some of them go away with the coming elections which are pretty soon.


lol i thought you EU boys’ government was so amazing and cared so much about privacy! lol!

You will not hear me bragging or applauding about EU except that the GDPR did bring about some positive changes. And if you ask me I wonder what is happening with all the millions of money from the fines that EU gave to Big Tech companies. EU basically claims that they have no money to keep a Fediverse server running. Puzzling.


For backup and restore :

To move from CentOS to sometimes very similar look at Rocky Linux or Alma Linux. There may even be seamless migration methods for it.


That brings back some memories of a former US president. youtube.com/watch?v=Yq7FKO5DlV0

And to answer OP question :

spoilerYes, more younger politicians. Make retirement age 50. And more diversity as well, less white males. ___

Is Privacy Worth It? (blog.thenewoil.org)

When I announced I would be closing my communities earlier this year, a curious thing happened: a surprising number of regulars replied with some variation of “I think this is my exit.” While some were specifically talking about Matrix, claiming that mine was the only room they were really active in and therefore they saw no...


I think most FOSS zealots simply despise capitalism in general, they want everyone else to be poor like them. Kinda like socialism.

One well known exception to your comment is Linus Torvalds. He didn’t mind moving to the USA to make some good money after being a student who could afford a whopping 386! And unlike some people believe, the GPL does not restrict a programmer to make money.

anders, to linux
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Has anyone tried the DE for in the recent years?

How was the experience?



This brings back some memories from years ago. Enlightenment was fairly popular at some point and I think the author “Rasterman” was employed at RedHat. Some Linux distribution may even have had it as the default ?


Thank you.


Since you mentioned Etherpad-lite :


With etherpad-lite the default is guest mode and no protection at all (but I’ve seen that with plugins user accounts can be made). With Hedgedoc and Cryptpad user accounts can be made and I think with that “private” protected pads are possible.


Framasoft did a great job on Mobilizon! Good that they go for a healthy approach and not eventually end up with burned out developers and maintainers.

What is the most appropriate way of tracking web traffic?

I have my personal blog, made with Hugo and hosted on GitHub pages. Initially I did not turn on any kind of web tracking / web analytics, because I do not like tracking at all. But I want to make my blog better and to achieve it, I need a feedback loop about traffic. For example, what are the most popular publications, or how...


Yes, indeed. After posting this I did regret it later on.

Coming to terms with no longer having privacy and control over my technology

I miss the days of VHS and DVD shelfs in homes, for example. If you bought the tapes and had them in your home, no corporate entity could alter those tapes without your consent, monitor how many times you watch them, sell your data to whomever they please without your knowledge, roll out new mandatory conditions to a ‘user...


Many people probably won’t be bothered by these things, but I am. I don’t want to pay full price for something that I don’t truly own. I miss the familiarity. I miss the reliability. I miss feeling like it’s mine. Dependable. Trustworthy.

Picking my old guitar up again has never looked so appealing. I think I want to go back to investing more time, money, and energy into things that aren’t connected to the internet



Muting posts and comments is possible with PieFed codeberg.org/rimu/pyfediFor Lemmy I guess you or others can check Lemmy’s GitHub issues to see whether this feature has been requested already.

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