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Horrific, humanity terrifies me sometimes.

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War crimes.

I hope someone there can document this to a reasonable standard. I know Israel is trying to stop forensic pathologists getting in there.

Like with the other mass graves, there will most likely be evidence of execution-style shootings on victims who should be protected under international law, like hospital patients, eldery, and children.

Even if it takes another 30 years the genocidaires should be brought to justice.


"Never again," does not apply to others.


You can’t commit a genocide again, if the first one was successful!

Seriously though, as a German, it’s really hard to see how utterly deranged our entire political and media landscape reacts to this whole mess.

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Is this another hospital Mass grave other than the one from a few days ago?

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@EdibleFriend nope this is yet another mass grave. They keep finding them.

You're probably thinking of the mass grave they found in Al Shifa hospital which had at least 380 bodies in it.


Not sure what you’re thinking of but this is the start of the article I guess…

Palestinian civil defence crews have uncovered a mass grave inside the Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza’s Khan Younis, with 180 bodies recovered so far, Al Jazeera has learned, as Israel has continued bombardment of the devastated coastal enclave for more than six months.

The discovery on Saturday, and continuing into Sunday, comes after the Israeli military withdrew its troops from the southern city on April 7. Much of the Khan Younis is now in ruins after months of relentless Israeli bombardment and heavy fighting.

“In the hospital courtyard, civil defence members and paramedics have retrieved 180 bodies buried in this mass grave by the Israeli military. The bodies include elderly women, children and young men,” Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud reporting from Khan Younis said on Sunday.

It would have been about 35 minutes faster to click the link tho

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