Is this blog yours?


Nice story but site is a drive-by malware risk.


Idk were you got that from


On mobile, site popped up an overlay of a standard tech support scam, “your phone is infected” etc.

That kind of crap is a common drive-by malware vector.


Huh, Firefox for Android + uBlock Origin FTW I guess. I didn’t see a thing.

CosmicCleric, avatar

I’m guessing that the assumption is that the water protects any life from the radiation from Saturn?

Or is the moon far enough away that that’s not an issue that needs to be protected from?


Both are valid, the sun can’t be too far away life needs light


Both are valid, the sun can’t be too far away life needs light a energy source.

Which Enceladus – as moon of a gas giant – has plenty, as tidal forces.

TimeSquirrel, avatar

life needs light

Sea floor extremophiles: exist

Enceladus' core likely interacts with the ocean through hydrothermal vents, similar to structures found on Earth's ocean floor. These vents are believed to have played a role in the origin of life on our planet.

There are lifeforms on Earth that still live off these vents.


Right, life needs energy. On earth, that’s most often from sunlight, but there are magma vent extremophiles using heat, and there are fungi that use nuclear radiation.

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