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Feels like an ad


I dont get it


AI leading us cavemen into the future.


Fun fact, that is canonically Spear, the caveman from Tartakovsky’s show Primal.

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Is it? He looks very different

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This episode of Dexter’s Lab first aired more than 20 years before the first episode of Primal (Feb 1998 vs Oct 2019). A bit of visual discrepancy is to be expected


Primal is how Spear sees himself. Dexter’s Lab is how Dexter sees Spear.

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Damn, I didn’t know that!

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I love Primal


That show was amazing. No dialogue to speak of. I really enjoyed it.


That is fun, the only other media I’ve seen like that is Quest for Fire (1981) starring Ron Pearlman


Flew under my radar. Gotta watch that. Which reminds me I still need to finish off Samurai Jack. I think I stopped somewhere in the last season of the old series and I want to watch that before I get to the new episodes, which I hear are excellent.

Of course, I’ll probably want to finish off the few lingering pieces of new trek. And I gotta watch all of that before second season of Arcane comes out, since that will take priority as soon as it comes out. And…



TIL there is a second season of Arcane!


Not yet, but later this year. Hope it’s good.


Thanks for being… Klear.

I’ll show myself out.


Please do.

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Prioritize Primal. It is a truly unique and awesome show.


I don’t get it. Can you explain?


Go to the website and you’ll likely be the caveman

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Can you explain what’s supposed to be so complicated about it?


If you don’t understand much about AI models, how they work, how to install/use them and unable to recover all of the specific jargon that comes with the field…

That site is very useful but it’s not a great starting point, it is not useful in the terms of understanding everything beyond just diving in the deep end and troubleshooting via external help forums like stack overflow regularly to figure it out.


It’s basically github for large language models.


not necessarily llms, just ml models


I also don’t get it, even more so after the two answers to your comments.


I’m starting to think that not getting it probably means we are the caveman, but how could I know, I’m just a caveman after all

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When OP visited huggingface, they felt very out of place- like a cave man being guided through dexters lab.

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