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It really is nuts that there is a poor occupied land half full of children that has lacked access to adequate potable water, sufficient food, hygiene, healthcare, etc for over half a year.

Then there is a rich country next to them committing colonial genocide with AI-powered weapons that we know are designed to accept about 20 civilian deaths for 1 rank and file member of Hamas death and 100 civilian deaths for a higher up.

And then you have one of the richest countries in the world giving $26 billion dollars in “aid” to top up Israel’s genocide fund.

It seems clear to me that the genocide in Palestine is largely being used as testing and funding grounds for US, Israel, and their other cronies (like google perhaps) to accelerate development of more advanced weaponry. They’re not just indifferent to the suffering of the Palestinian people/children. They’re (deliberately) profiting off that suffering.

For a related editorial:…/us-house-26-billion-to-israel


I was with you until the last bit. They can develop advance weapons just for the sake of spending our insane military budget. They can stockpile them and not use them. Then they just get decommissioned. It’s not a conspiracy driven by the need for US spending or anything, it’s Netanyahu just being Netanyahu.

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I respect your disagreement.

In general, AI requires a lot of data to build useful models. Warfare would be a unique opportunity to build those models. And the goal is not just spending money, but developing the most effective instruments of war (compared to say the US’ adversaries) to continue militaristic, profit, and geopolitical dominance


In most countries, you have many parties, each taking specific stances on issues. You can vote for a party knowing they would oppose aid to Israel. However, your party is unlikely to win an outright majority of seats in parliament, so they need to form a coalition with other parties to rule.

The thing about US Politics is that coalitions form into the parties. Just because you disagree with some high profile democrats doesn’t mean that other democrats don’t agree with you.

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coalitions form into the parties

I have never looked at it this way, but I appreciate your take and will take it with me. The US is perpetually under a poorly functioning coalition government. This requires a different mode of operation from the voter's viewpoint I think.

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