It is fun how you just know that every downvote or negative comment just bolsters op’s ego because to them it shows how the masses are stupid and they are one of the few who know how things should be. Replacing “democracy” with “science” makes no god damn sense because science is not a form o government. How hard would it have been to elaborate how you imagine your “scientific” goverment to work? I guess you would atleast have basic knowledge about politics. So what we got was the question of a 6 year old. How do you expect insightful comments?


They are just trolling, they are looking for the argument for arguments sake. Look through their post and comment history. Report, down vote, and block, then move on.


This is why we need people to study humanities. STEM majors taking a few undergraduate courses and then spending the rest of their lives thinking science is a replacement for a system of government


I would argue OP hasn’t studied science either 😂


Democracy cannot coexist equally with capitalism.


A clear indicator that I reached the bottom of the community


Bottom? This is par for the course.


It would stop being science very very quickly, and just be “hey girl, heard you want your son to attend the “control group” school”.

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From that one sentence a horrifying distopian sci fi unfolded in my brain.

@HubertManne@kbin.social avatar

What does that even mean? Do you mean the methodology? Its not meant for decision making, its made to determine the nature of things.

  • It’s* not meant for
  • it’s* made to

Science tells us how to achieve objectives, democracy what our objectives should be. (obviously this doesn't always work perfectly in practice).


OP’s just ignoring every comment that points this out.


It’s a dumb point. Basically fanfic/dogmatism processed through a child’s brain. I’d really rather spend my attention on something better

It’s amazing how small the 99% is. Narrow and shallow. I am re-astonished every time I come here. It’s like the zombie apocalypse happened and nobody noticed.


Would you like to explain how choosing an objective is fanfic/dogmatism? This is what everyone cares about. You’re not going to convince anyone to change to a different system by ignoring the thing they want.


c/iamverysmart c/iamaclosetfascist


He’s barely in the closet:


I read a short story where they took a humane approach to population reduction.

An engineered disease. A short fever and then your uterus stops working. 95% effective.

Rioting. All scientists hung. But the world was better.


You remind me of a religious fundamentalist encountering his first plate of spaghetti.


Cause advocating genocide through forced sterilization is somehow laudable?

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I should mention many Utopian Socialists wanted scientists to rule society, but their dreams failed and were coopted. They didn’t understand the class character of the state.


Well you’d just have to convince the upper class that science is their friend. Which is arguably what we have.

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Science is their friend. Companies pay people to make studies that make their dangerous products look good. Think tanks run studies to figure out how to keep the economy growing at the expense of working people.


If we’re talking about the right kind, are they not parts of the same thing?

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Technocracy is stupid, and just serves tech elites. Thankfully, there is a scientific political system out there called Scientific Socialism. It ruthlessly criticizes the world to find the best way to advance the interests of the great masses of people. It analyses the movement of history and society to make it develope smoothly. It studies its own struggle to make it be more effectively. However, it is not against democracy, but rather in favor of a truer democracy of the working class. Liberal democracy is simply the ruling class making up differences and fighting each other for show. In China they have a far better democracy without such fighting, and instead have tons of dialogue and study.


Scientific socialism sounds like the way to go, but don’t act like China is a democracy.

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China is by no means perfect, but far more democratic than the US “beacon of democracy” ever was. There’s a reason over 90% are happy with their government. dessalines.github.io/essays/socialism_faq.html#is…

They are also a good example of the practice of scientific socialism. They’ve extensively studied the Soviet Union as to avoid their mistakes. They also study the contradictions of their society to develop harmonically. I recommend Roland Boer’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: a Foreigner’s Guide.


Both Russia and China are authoritarian. 90% are happy with the government in the same way that 86% voted for Putin.

It’s fake numbers.

@QueerCommie@lemmygrad.ml avatar

Fake numbers about a US enemy from harvard? Shouldn’t we be hearing about the 10% who didn’t like the government being punished if there actually is coercion? https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5e750569-7c1c-4549-95b3-b8726abbb07a.jpeg


That still presupposes that 10% is the right number

QueerCommie, (edited )
@QueerCommie@lemmygrad.ml avatar

Authoritarian is a nonsense term. You said you support socialism right? It cannot exist without capitalists feeling and being vocal about their oppression. All the media portrays China as evil because they are the antithesis of our sick society.

“Have these gentlemen ever seen a revolution? A revolution is certainly the most authoritarian thing there is; it is the act whereby one part of the population imposes its will upon the other part…” - Fredrick Engels


Alright, let me say it differently.

China is a one party system. The party elects its leader themselves. There’s no choice. There’s no other direction. And when they censor things heavily, they also control the narrative.

China doesn’t perform well on living standard. Too many homeless and a great part of the population lives in poverty.

Work week is 6 days a week and 12 hours a day.

There’s not one thing China is the best at when it comes to welfare and living standards.

So no, it’s by no means a great example.

@QueerCommie@lemmygrad.ml avatar

You did not look at the resources I sent lmao. Do you have any sources for your claims?

China is a one party system.

False. Even Wikipedia can debunk your claims. There are nine parties in China, which work together in consultation on policy. Boer has a whole chapter on this. There is no requirement of party membership for running in elections and they have tons of elections. The reason they don’t have a bunch of spectacle where people pretend they hate each other and the president is whomever can procure the most money and be the most charismatic like the US is because they manage their contradictions non-antagonistically (another thing Boer talks about).

China doesn’t perform well on living standard.

A laughable statement. China is doing better than the US. But, the US has centuries of imperialism it benefits from, so why compare it to China, when India is more comparable and has 7 years lower life expectancy.

Too many homeless and a great part of the population lives in poverty.

Of all the things to accuse China of, that is not it.

Work week is 6 days a week and 12 hours a day.

You really need to source these claims. Anyway, labor rights are increasing year by year. They a whole lot better than other countries with large manufacturing industry.

There’s not one thing China is the best at when it comes to welfare and living standards.

My shock when a country that’s less than a 100 years out of its century of humiliation isn’t the absolute best at everything.

So no, it’s by no means a great example.

Eliminating poverty, , leading the world by far in technological innovation, and being the largest economy not too long after being a feudal backwater without colonies isn’t exemplary?


Did you see the movie, Divergent?


I don’t think I did. Good and relevant?


Yes it is. Dystopian society divided into classes, erudite, dauntless, abnegation, candor, amity.


You had me at dystopian


Lol! It's ollllld but good. Even the sequels.


What democracy has to do with science?


I think a better term to use would be “fact-based policy.” I believe that even if we intended to rework politics to be more scientific, it would just lead to all the same manipulations and twisting of facts that current politics involves. Don’t like a particular scientific consensus because it interferes with your goals? Hire a bunch of “think-tanks” to publish contradictory papers. Hah, guess what, that’s where we already are.

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