It’s a fucking great song. I don’t consider it country so much as country-adjacent. This is a hauntingly good remix.


Miley Cyrus also did a great cover.

I think it’s only ‘country-adjacent’ in that ‘mainstream country’ has moved away from this type of song to the now stereotypical “guns/trucks/girls/flag-waving”.

Most older country is the same honestly.

KingThrillgore, avatar

Dolly Parton is a sweetheart and a saint. And a good performer.


I used to think I didn’t like country music, but I realized that I’d been approaching it the same as people who “don’t like rap”; there’s so much rap and hip hop out there that it’s almost impossible to not eventually find something you like. And there’s… so much country music in the world.

Been jamming out to Mama’s Broken Heart recently.


Yeah. I like certain Country songs, but the average one I hear I don’t particularly care about.


Me: again this boring repost



Video song: Big enough

Kolanaki, avatar

🎵 He put his hands up on my body, made the room a little hotter,

I’m sippin’ him like whiskey, got me wetter than the water.

Swimmin’ in, wanna swim in him too,

Make a little love, show you what my booty do,

Boy turn around, lemme hit it from the back,

Yeah I know how you love it when I do it like that. 🎵


🎵He finally drank his pain away, a little at a time…🎵

LaunchesKayaks, avatar

I was expecting Beyonce.


Country music is only awful after 9/11


That and Taylor Swift was the nail in the coffin. Her transition to top 40 pop and sky rocketing popularity showed nothing but dollar signs to country music producers…

chiliedogg, (edited )

She’s a slightly different case I think.

She was basically groomed by the industry to be a pretty young white country girl and made into a sex symbol when she was 14.

When she grew up she changed genres, fired her old label when the contract expired, and then re-recorded her old stuff to keep the old labels from making royalties off new sales.

Everything about her change is a big middle-finger to to her old management.


Absolutely, but my point was country producers/management, saw the money she was raking in and immediately started pushing the their own country singers to make more “mainstream/pop/top 40” influenced music to capture the larger audience.


Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven?

FlyingSquid, avatar

I’m not really surprised that the Dixie Chicks’ careers were destroyed after 9/11. They didn’t just criticize Most Holy President, they also sang about things like domestic violence.


There’s some great stuff nowadays that isn’t just bro country! It’s going to be mostly smaller and all my favorites lean heavily into their bluegrass and folk roots, but there’s some great stuff!

I’d check out Tyler Childers or Zach Bryan for something more mainstream. I might get flamed for calling them country, but Poor Man’s Poison is fantastic as well!

If you don’t love Chris Stapleton after one listen of Tennessee Whiskey, then idk what to tell you



Tyler Childers

Hayes Carll

Charley Crockett

Jason Isbell (southern rock)

Maren Morris

Sturgill Simpson

Joshua Ray Walker

There is so much good country music coming out now, and probably always has been, it just doesn’t get played on the radio.


Surprised to see Yes on that list, but I guess I’ve only really listened to their 70s albums


Ha! I apologize profusely for the confusion, not Yes the band, Yes there is still good country music being made by modern artists.

flicker, (edited )

I want to take a moment here to mention Dan Tyminski. I know it’s not his most recent, but specifically the song Southern Gothic really gave me that “this is what country is supposed to be” feeling I hadn’t felt in years.


If you don’t love Chris Stapleton after one listen of Tennessee Whiskey, then idk what to tell you

I don’t know if remaking a song from 81’ counts as modern.

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

Bo Burnham said it brilliantly:

I think some of the greatest song writers of all time are country artists: Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, you know? And if you’re writing honestly, that is art! And I would never bash that! Um, the problem is, with a lot of modern country music, wha- what is called “Stadium Country Music” Sort of Keith Urban Brand of Country music is that it is not honest, it is the exact opposite of honest

And then he launched into one of the best comedy songs of all time illustrating it perfectly 💪❤️


I call that ‘Nazi Country’. It’s completely unironic and not self reflective. The exact opposite of good country.

Also, good country compares favorably to rock by not being overloaded with testosterone.


Also, good country compares favorably to rock by not being overloaded with testosterone.

Unfortunately, it does not compare favorably to rock in that it’s not overloaded with nearly as much homoeroticism.

captain_aggravated, avatar
charlytune, avatar

Jolene slowed down to 33rpm made me really appreciate the song anew


How can a digital song be slowed down to 33rpms? Was it originally a 7" 45rpm vinyl single that was played at 33rpm? Then upload to YouTube?

It just doesn’t make sense to have digital audio “slowed down” to 33rpm, that’s like watching the Simpsons, sped up to 50rpms


You’re always with the pedantics.


You can get a lot of music on vinyl still, hell sometimes its easier to get than CDs. Even more niche artists like Hulkoff have music on vinyl.

FlyingSquid, avatar

Not just easier, they are now outselling CDs.…/riaa-2023-music-revenue-streaming-…

captain_aggravated, avatar

You know, it takes a very special blend of technical savvy and social ineptitude to generate a comment like this.

My granddad, who still asks “what’s on TV” because he just can’t wrap his failing dementia addled mind around “Everything. Everything is always on because on-demand video streaming.” wouldn’t think to make this comment because he never learned how digital audio works and has probably forgotten how record players work.

Neither would my niece, who I think hasn’t actually seen a phonograph in person but messes around with audio and video filters on the Tickagram all the time.

Neither would any of my acquaintances who are in audio/video production, because they have meaningful opinions on things like this software with this plugin or that software with that plugin to achieve that effect, possibly choosing methods depending on the source and destination of said audio.

Neither would my actual friends who know everything we’re talking about, but are socially capable enough to be friends with people.

You, fellow Lemmian, have that special blend.


That’s the nicest insult I’ve ever received. Thanks

Digital audio playback speed still can’t be measured in revolutions. Downvote away…I guess


I love the BossHoss Cover

admin, avatar

For those who “don’t like country music”:

Jason Isbell

Chris Stapleton


Also Tyler Childers

chemical_cutthroat, avatar

Miley Cyrus has a killer cover of it.


Yeah, I actually like this version better than the original. I think the slightly slower pace helps, but those instruments just do it for me


That one really is a banger. But watching that video again, I can’t get over how terrible the vocals would actually sound if she was up on the mic like that.

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